About Me

I’m Kelly Karnetsky. This is my portfolio and blog. I have many profiles online but this is my home for anything that I want to rant about, which is rare. Professionally, I am a frontend developer and designer in Phoenix, AZ. I have a lot of other talents besides frontend development and design including: video editing, audio editing, social media, writing, analytics, SEO, server management, IT and acting.

I read up on all the happenings in web and technology. I’m also into movies and TV shows and have been know to marathon a 24 episode season. I’m laid back and easy to get along with. I can communicate well when explaining or training anyone. I like open source and if you have a question and I know the answer I will freely share it.

I was one of the people behind FleshEatingZipper, it was the best gaming, entertainment and tech news/review website on the planet. I love networking with people and I love to sit back and listen to what people have to say. I learn from practice and practice a lot I do.

My email is: me[at]kellykarnetsky[dot]com or you can contact me through the contact form.