Portfolio Updated, Yay!

Well I’ve finally updated my portfolio, it’s been to long. I don’t have everything on there but only things that I was really involved in. I should update my blog more often, like maybe once a month a least, right? Yep, so this was a fun little update.

Force WWW using .htaccess

This post is really for my own use but if you find it useful then great! I use this code to force WWW in my URL’s. It works for me in Joomla and standard XHTML sites. If using it for Joomla you will see RewriteEngine On already in the .htaccess file, just copy the last two […]

Falcon on my Window

I’m not sure if it’s a Falcon or not but lets just say it is!

So I was on Twitter sometime ago and I think I witnessed the first ever interview on Twitter between Rob Dyrdek (@robdyrdek) and 5ones (@5ones). It’s cool to see these things happen out in public instead of on the phone or email. It really grasps the whole social media aspect. They were talking about Rob’s […]

I pay attention to a lot of commercials, I guess it started happening when I began working at an advertising agency. I believe it was in 08′ when they started the Dan Hesse commercials which was a good idea especially putting his email in it but then everyone started to hate them because Sprint was […]

Latest Star Trek TV Spot

This  is the latest TV spot, #3, for the new Star Trek movie coming out in the US May 8, 2009. If you want to see the other spots let me know and I will post them.

I just launched, a social bookmarking site for website designer, developers as well as anyone in the graphic design world. Anyone can submit links to articles by creating a free account and the will be displayed on the upcoming tab until being published to the front page by an administrator or by getting enough […]

UPDATE: Congrats to @DinaJ her name was drawn and she accepted the headphones. Thanks to everyone that entered. I will be doing more drawing soon! I’m giving away a pair of Bose Triport In-Ear headphones. How do you win? Simple, just follow me @midwestkel on Twitter and re-tweet the following message: RT @midwestkel: Bose giveaway! […]

AT&T Marketing Texts

Back when Consumerist posted this I got the same text and replied stop and got a message telling me that I was now opted out of AT&T marketing messages.   Well just now I got another text from AT&T that says “AT&T Free Msg: Your phone can now dial & roam internationally. See for rates […]

kanYe West said on his blog that his MySpace & Gmail account was hacked and that the hackers are spreading false rumors about him wanting to do bisexual porn and emailing people he knows. He said in his blog post that now he doesn’t have a Gmail account anymore. YOOOO WHY WON’T YOU LET ME […]